50 African Trailblazers

Celebrating 50 African Trailblazers!

Throughout history, African voices, stories, triumphs  and achievements have been suppressed, underrated and under-reported.

We celebrate and honour  50 Africans who have made exceptional and inspiring impacts in their various fields, thus telling the African story from the African perspective and changing the one-sided African narrative skewed towards negativity.

The fifty Africans are thus honoured professional in the world . We highlight exemplary trailblazers who are setting big career goals and achieving milestones and inspiring others. We chose these trailblazers so far for their achievements, grit, bravery, collaborative spirit and their potential to break barriers, as they build their careers.

Although there are many other notable Africans, the fifty presented in this edition are only a glimpse of those who have made a significant impact and changed the Africa narrative. Not only have they made Africa richer and fuller, but they have also challenged the status quo, and were driven by creativity to overcome adversity. Welcome once again to what you have told us is your most anticipated feature of the year—our annual 50 African Trail Blazers list of 2022.

These Africans were carefully selected because of their activities and impacts on the continent. Taking a close look at the list, you will find that Africans are achieving steady and spectacular success in all fields of human endeavor. We are fast catching up with the Africa we want. The Africa where everyone is up and about. Africans are truly leading the world. While we celebrate our trailblazers and give toasts to the 50 personalities who made this list, let us not forget those whose journeys have not been so fast. We must continue to do our part to help them catch up. More Africans need the encouragement to rise. Only Africans can truly build Africa, a great task and commitment to those ahead and the rising generation .

We hope their stories and achievements will ultimately inspire and act as a powerful incentive to others.